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The Big Exit Podcast

The Big Exit has been a blast and I will continue to interview entrepreneurs who have built and sold their companies. It is so great to hear the stories from the founders who have built long lasting and sustainable businesses that have led to very large exits. It is never an easy road and itContinue reading “The Big Exit Podcast”

Brett Jurgens Talks About Building and Selling Notion to Comcast

powered by Sounder In this episode, Brett Jurgens talks to Dan Daugherty about being a first-time founder and selling his company, Notion to Comcast in early 2020. Transcript Welcome to The Big Exit, where we discuss startup acquisitions with the founders who lived it. Here’s your host, Dan Daugherty. Dan Daugherty: Welcome to this episodeContinue reading “Brett Jurgens Talks About Building and Selling Notion to Comcast”